Immersed in silence and surrounded by nearly 10 hectares of woodland, La Rosa nel Bicchiere (“The Rose in the Glass”) dominates the surrounding valley, offering breathtaking panoramic views. With their simple rustic beauty, the ancient and recently restored farm houses present themselves as the silent guardians of a timeless story.

The nature of this place still retains its past charm. While the landscape is abounding with trees, bestowing upon it a mystical sense typical of the mountain forests, the scenery is also enlivened by the brightly coloured Mediterranean vegetation. It’s the perfect place for a vacation or a weekend getaway.

Guests will enjoy spectacular views of Mount Reventino, which dominates the landscape. To its right stands Serra Alta, while to its left rises Mount Condrò, with its splendid beechwood forest (one of the most beautiful in all of Calabria), featuring large, silvery beech trees rising up to 35 metres in height. The place name is derived from the dialect word riventu, meaning “rest”, thus recalling the long, arduous journey that people once underwent when travelling from the Plain of St. Euphemia to the Decollatura and Soveria Mannelli Basin (and vice versa) for trade purposes, or else to escape from pirate raids or natural disasters along the coast, such as floods or earthquakes.

Guests, in fact, will find themselves immersed in local traditions that are firmly rooted in hospitality and relaxation. The hospitality offered at La Rose nel Bicchiere is made up of the simple gestures and genuine smiles of the local housewives, who would often decorate their homes with a simple rose placed in a glass after completing their domestic chores.

In order to preserve this unique natural heritage, our daily efforts are always aimed at protecting the environment and the territory. We have installed a solar power system, which renders the structure independent from an energy standpoint, as well as a rainwater collection system for irrigating our fields.